Our focus at CritterPix is inspired storytelling. Everyone seems to claim that these days, but in our case, it's true. Above all else, we spend our time and money to tell a story that uplifts and entertains. We also find that controlling costs leads to inspiration born of simple hard work - there's something especially good about that. We desire deeply, more than anything, to open your heart and the hearts of children world-wide with Ollie the Otter.

Our 4 minute animated short movie, Ollie & the Baked Halibut, is our way of showing you how Ollie the Otter will look and entertain. Our feature script has been vetted by A-List writers over several years and our production process has been tested thoroughly.

OLLIE & THE BAKED HALIBUT- winner of two film festivals:
The Woods Hole (Massachusetts, USA) Film Festival – Audience Award
The 3D Media Film Festival (Europe) – Professional’s Choice Award, the LG Trophy
Our short film will take 30 to 60 seconds to load, please be patient – thank you!

All our films are made in 3D stereoscopic which is another whole can of clams. Ollie & the Baked Halibut, literally pops off the screen and so will Ollie the Otter. The intention is that you’re tempted to jump in and swim with Ollie as he outmaneuvers huge threats and has fun in the process. For industry professionals, our short film is available 3D Stereoscopic format. Contact us if you're interested in a preview