Why invest in an animated film? The financial returns of CG films have been extraordinary, certainly far better than most live-action films. Movies, especially G and PG movies, have proven to be recession proof—parents will make deep personal sacrifices before they cut back spending for their children. This highlights the value of children’s animated movies during tough economic times. These movies sell large numbers of DVD’s, and this remains on track due to their comparative low cost compared to other forms of entertainment.

People love a good story and we genuinely focus on exceptional story lines. We don’t use clever graphics to make up for bad storytelling, and we use top-notch, not overpriced talent. We save money by placing emphasis upfront on script and storyboard work to eliminate re-do’s in the course of production and their exponentially expensive costs.

As a financial opportunity, and to put an exclamation point on our intent to achieve high return levels for investors, our approach to making animated movies results in dramatically reduced production costs that reduce investment risk. Our business plan includes contracting the principal production to distinguished studios in Canada that are supported by government-sponsored tax credits. Watch Ollie & the Baked Halibut and you will see the result for yourself: These three minutes of impressive, high quality 3D entertainment were made for less than one million dollars—a fraction of what a big studio would have spent.