Ollie the Otter, in 3D, is our 1st feature film. Ollie is a Finding Nemo or Lion King story in which we journey with sea otters rather than fish or lions. It weaves an environmental thread like Happy Feet, as Ollie must save his family from natural and human threats, all the while charming us with fun.

The wonderful life of a family of sea otters is imperiled by a great white shark named Tooth and two illegal kelp harvesters—Sushi Sam (a psychotic chef) and Black Beard—who plunder the eco-system and fight hard for their lunch. To avoid being eaten by Tooth and to save his pal, the Baked Halibut, Ollie escapes into the harvester’s kelp-sucking hose. Ollie ends up at the Sea Park, to be rehabilitated back into the wild. But the clock is ticking against Ollie’s family—everyday the kelp beds are reduced there is less protection from Tooth.

Ollie’s family is under the false impression that Tooth is dead. Only Ollie knows the truth—that Tooth is very much alive—and that the rogue shark plans to eat them as soon as all of the kelp is gone. Ollie must find a way to escape back to the wild to warn his family.

Ollie befriends a colorful cast of animal characters at the Sea Park—Fandango the seal, Bingo the bird, and some other misfits who make the brave choice to escape their domestic environment amidst some crazy hijinks. Ollie and his friends are outmuscled and outgunned in their otter odyssey to save Ollie’s family from Tooth, Black Beard and Sushi Sam. Ollie makes courageous choices in the face of extreme adversity, even selflessly risking his own life for the sake of his knucklehead friends. What a bunch of calamari!