George Fast is an everyday 9 to 5 guy whos had a spy chip in his head since being a little kid. But as he escapes from a KGB spy program, and loses his grandfather, the nano-tech stops working. The CIA can no longer use George and have him raised in New Jersey by adopted parents. Then an event happens which suddenly brings the technology in his head back on-line. Also, billionaire bad guy Maximillian Schuft has created the ultimate evil and now George becomes our only hope.

George must get mentored by the chimp who had the first 1.0 chip, while George has the newer, 2.0 chip. So, its a chimp with a chip and chump with chip and together they have to save the world!

Just as The Incredibles was a unique and animated version of of the super hero genre, Spy Guy puts a unique twist on spy movies.