Itís Shrek meets Sunset Blvd. An underdog and stinky possum tries to break into an insiderís game to save a friend. Charles J. Lilienthal, our unlikely hero, is whisked away to Hollywood to become a movie starÖ which is the last thing this shy and nocturnal opposum wants to do. But at stake is his best-human friendís life, so Charles goes to tinsel town a la American Idol.

Like the Movie Pulp Fiction, Hollywood Vermin is break out animation. Itís a different kind of story. Yet, itís an adorable and fun for a broad audience that we can all relate to.

Hollywood Vermin is like Shrek because both had a capturing love story. Plus Hollywood Vermin revolves around an underdog and stinky possum who is much like the appealing, yet green & farting ogre, in Shrek. Plus, like the donkey, we have a fun sidekick in Charlesís best friend, Bat.

Itís also Sunset Blvd. in that the opening is ďanimation noirĒ. No animated movie has dared to make use of such a narrative entrance, all the while having fun.